Assistive Listening Devices

We carry an array of Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) to help ease the common sources of frustration for people with hearing loss. ALDs are designed to making hearing easier for people with all degrees of hearing loss. While a hearing aid works by amplifying all sounds in your environment, ALDs focus on only amplifying specific sounds while reducing background noise.

Some of the Assistive Listening Devices we offer are:

  • Personal Listening Systems – Various models of general amplifiers to improve hearing of all local sounds.
  • TV Listening Systems – Designed for listening to TV, radio, or stereo without interference from surrounding noise.
  • Direct Audio Input Hearing Aids – Earbuds with an audio plug that can connect to any device with a headphones jack, such as the TV, stereo, microphones, auditory trainers, and personal FM devices.
  • Telephone Amplifying Devices – Designed to connect telephone to hearing aids, or provide amplification without hearing aids.
  • Musician’s Monitors – Designed for live concert sound reinforcement, film and/or video production. Work with wireless or wired receivers.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of ALD, and we are skilled at walking you through your many options. Contact our office to see if ALDs are right for you.