Our patient satisfaction is evident by their loyalty to our center for the many years that follow their initial evaluation. As a practice focused on personalized care, we are continually striving to provide impeccable service for each person who comes through our doors.

Adele - Many thanks to you for your patience, help and advice!

Carol T

I appreciate all you’ve done for me and the time you took to help get my new hearing aids!

Karen C

To all of you at International Hearing Aid Center – thank you!  We appreciate all that you’ve done.

Multiple WWII Veterans

Many thanks for your truly dedicated service.

Rabbi M

I have very severe hearing problems and even with hearing aids I am not doing well. I have a very narrow ear canal and this office is the right answer being very devoted and understanding to my needs regardless of how many appointments it takes and no extra charges. They even called down a few times the technician from Oticon to help out she treated us like family. I highly recommend this office for your needs.

Hindel B

The audiologist was incredible. Clearly experienced, and very patient with my mom.

Claydine B

They were patient.

Neal R